1998 Chatster Of The Year

First, I’d like to thank all of you who sent in nominations, I appreciate your taking the time and effort to do this, it did have an effect on the choice. I’d especially like to thank those of you who nominated me, you were remarkably eloquent in your arguments, and I suggest you file them away for next year, when I hope I live up to them. Just because I didn’t win it this year doesn’t mean I won’t next year — I’m very close to the selection committee.

This year’s winner of the newly renamed Award actually fills out the underpinnings of our channel, along with the previous two winners.

To review: the first award went to Krusty, who gave us the place to play, created betatesters.com.

The second went to glc, who in a channel of computer gurus, is our guru. We mine his knowledge constantly and he was an easy choice.

So I’ll create an analogy here: Krusty’s contribution has been the skeletal system of our group, glc’s the brains, and this year’s winner is the heart.

Would we be the same group without the Atlantic City “Conventions”? I think not. The time and effort she put into those (along with michael) was special. Sure, it wasn’t all charitable, but it was done and it was special. She brings us hope, and faith, and a mother, when we need one. And as one of the voters said, ” she sings in the channel, there should be more singing”. Sometimes that singing is a bit annoying, but the sheer joy with which she does it is never anything but wonderful.

She has brought new people in, nurtured them when here, and never ceased to be a life force among us.

The 1998 Chatster of the Year is none other than the Queen herself: JanisA

The runner-up is a special choice of mine. There are those who are in the channel before midnight, those who are there all night, and those who join us late. For those of you who leave early, things tend to go a little quiet for a bit. Then Mary comes in, in a blaze of color, ready for talk. She drives the conversation, is a peacemaker when peace needs to be made, and has never walked out of the channel in a snit. She is warm and wonderful and I wish all of you could spend time with us late at night. Saashy gets the not-so-coveted runner-up prize, joining jw and yours truly in that category.

Good thing we changed the name of the Award. Again, thanks for the help, I really appreciated it.