Years In Review

Thinking back, the first Review of the Year was just written for fun. A top ten list which I thought might get a few laughs, as well as remind everyone of the big events of the year. I added a Chatster of the Year Award, to honor those who had been special. It was remarkably well received, so much so that by the end of the next year, people started asking me when it would be out . Thus are traditions started. Sometimes the events were too big to be part of a list. We have had births and untimely passings, graduations and marriages, just like any family. One year, I tried another method, because I felt it would be better than a top ten, but all of them were done as reminders — of our common bonds and of how much we meant to each other. The last one I sent out contained a warning that our attendance was down and that visiting occasionally would help. Unfortunately, attendance in 2000 diminished to the point that it seemed pointless to try and come up with a new list, let alone awards. So what you have here is a review of this channel at its peak. Who knows, maybe someday I, or someone else, will add to these.

— MrBu

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