1996 Year In Review

By: Barry Rubinowitz

Top Ten Events

  1. Michael and Bug_T are still breathing (and seeing, too) — you can’t get more important than this, can you? Mrs. Bug hung tough in December as well.

  3. Di beats the Big C –and we organize as a group to send flowers — our first display of community and caring

  5. I get a job — okay, so this is a little high up, but it’s my list, alright? And without GNN’s existence, it wouldn’t have happened. I had no idea I’d be of any use helping folks with technical problems, but the constant battle with GNN software revealed a hidden talent. Go figure. (BitBt is covered by this one, as well, btw)

  7. The Atlantic City Convention — the Chatsters dared to meet face-to-face and survived. Hell, we’ve become a boon to the travel industry. Kudos to Tim for all the arrangements.

  9. The Charles Miller 1996 World Tour — As the first to welcome young Carlton to these shores, I figured I’d get one of those neat satin jackets. Fat chance.

  11. RandyL gets married — remember Randy? Where the hell is he?

  13. Girl75 gets unmarried — gets her own place and parties like crazy. Iggie’s next.

  15. jw pops the question –and gets a yes! Amazing.

  17. Spinner goes into hiding — he’s out there somewhere, hopefully, in good health and wealth. Hope we see him again soon, the GNNBabes miss those trips to the moon.

  19. WBLS gets a web page — on this list only because it made Janis so damned happy

MAN OF THE YEAR: Krusty – He created a web page for us, a domain for us, and a sense of permanence for us. His picture would be here, IF WE HAD ONE…

Honorable mention: jw, our protector and Tim, our Travel Agent

Obviously, I left out the biggest event in our universe, Kat’s death. It doesn’t belong in a casual list, so, in a rare display of good taste, I’ve kept it separate. Even a great tragedy can have something positive come out of it. It taught us to appreciate each other, and it taught us how much we meant to each other. Let us carry that with us into 1997, and be a little kinder, a little more helpful, a little more determined to make our little world just a little better.

To all those whose events and helpfulness was not rewarded(?) by being mentioned here: memory and time have limitations, I did what I could — that’s net biz.