1999 Chatster Of The Year

Last year I democratized this award by having people submit their own choices so I would get a sense of the group’s opinion and perhaps hear about activities I didn’t know about. I received a few ballots this year, but to me the choice was obvious. Woody Allen once pointed out that “90% of life is just showing up.” So is chat, in these times where attendance has fallen dramatically. Not that showing up is the only reason to make this selection. Last year’s vote would have justified this as well, but I felt Janis, who had just as many votes, was a better choice. This year I can’t find a better one, so here it is.

The 1999 Chatster of the Year is: MrBu

Runner-up: FireHeart: Yes, he’s contentious and sometimes gets carried away in arguments. But he’s there a lot and when he’s there, he talks. He also recruits, he brings people people in from other channels, something we need desperately. He has brought us dnr, who is one of the best additions we have had in a long time.

Honorable Mention: Rohan: Okay, he doesn’t talk much. But he does something which deserves mention — he makes sure if there’s a conversation starting and you’re not in the channel, that you know about it. So I guess he’s the official GNNChat hall monitor.

Profile in Courage Award: Tricia: I guess if you need an explanation, you haven’t been here much. Just one look at the Review tells you all you need to know. In the face of that, T still came in the channel with as brave and smiling a face as she could muster. Bless her — no award could do her justice.